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Too Much Stuff?

Have you seen the new iPad? It is pretty remarkable. I was literally a click away from pre-ordering one last night! Then I remembered an experience from last week.

The other day I had a box of belongings I no longer needed. I brought them to Goodwill, as many people do. After this, I headed to Old Navy to buy a new pair of jeans. As soon as I walked in the door of Old Navy I was reminded of an article I read in a World Vision magazine back in 2009. I was able to find a copy of it and have posted it below.

too much stuff

Next time you are considering a new purchase, think about the world needs and pray about where the Lord would have you spend the money.


Frank Colarusso-Assistant Program Director

Did you come to camp in 2004?

If you came to Miracle Camp in 2004, see if you can find yourself in one of these videos:

Unseen Becomes Seen

2 Corinthians 4:18 “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen but what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

When I was in high school, it seemed like everyone was talking about The Invisible Children ( Have you heard of this organization? Here is a basic Wikipedia definition if you haven’t:

“In the spring of 2003, three young filmmakers (Jason Russell, Bobby Bailey, and Laren Poole) traveled to Africa in search of a story. What started out as a filmmaking adventure transformed into much more when these boys from Southern California discovered the untold tragedy of Uganda. This tragedy revolves around Africa’s longest running war, where children have become the victims and the weapons. Rebel armies, known as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) have been abducting children and using them as troops while they wage war against the Ugandan government. This originally caused the children to night commute, or walk miles nightly to avoid these troops. It is estimated that 90% of the LRA is abducted children. The film tells their story. After returning to the States, they created the documentary ‘Invisible Children: Rough Cut’, a film that exposes the tragic realities of northern Uganda’s night commuters and child soldiers.”

As a result of their film, these young guys allowed the lives of seemingly invisible people become revealed to America. This changed the lives of thousands of children in Uganda forever. They must have made the children they helped feel pretty special and finally noticed. These filmmakers literally changed the world.

Let me introduce you to someone from Malawi, another African country:

This is Timothy. I met him when I was in Malawi, Africa on a short-term missions trip. In this picture, Timothy is in seventh grade, he wants to grow up to care for orphan children.Timothy was always a leader in his school. His fellow students recognized him for his potential because of his kindness to everyone.

Tragically, I was recently informed that Timothy has passed away. He was just walking along the road (there are no sidewalks in Malawi) and he got hit by a car and died.

No, this is not a campaign to build sidewalks in Malawi nor is this indented to be a sob story.

Let me tell you a little about Timothy’s life. He was kind, friendly, including and a leader.People liked him and he liked people. He knew Jesus and lived to spread the word of Christ. He succeeded.

I’m not going to tell you to live more like Timothy because we both know that we are called to live and love like Jesus (John 15:12). Timothy worked to be like Jesus. You can too.

Jesus loved the unloved. He made the unseen seen. In the same way, the three guys who together founded The Invisible Children movement brought “invisible” people into the spotlight. You can too!

I know that there are times where you feel invisible. Just like you, others have felt that unnoticed, powerless and dejected. You have the ability to be there for these hurting people even if you are hurting yourself. You can work to ensure that the people around you do not feel invisible. Allow Gods love to illuminate out of you. Who can you notice today? Who do you know who is forgotten and needs to feel included? Who can you just talk to? Seek these people out and change their world.

frank colarusso-assistant program director


tweet to win a week of sumer camp

You have heard that every snowflake is unique.

And you have also heard the cheesy saying about how you are unique

just like snowflakes.


Believe it or not, it is very possible that all snowflakes are NOT unique.

Before we go further, you need to learn a bit about snowflakes. Kindly view this poster about how snowflakes are formed by The American Chemical Society.

And there are several different classifications for snowflakes (see chart below).

Everything you have heard about snowflakes being unique could be nothing but LIES!

Sorry if you hate me now that the whole snowflake thing was a fib… just rejoice in the fact that you now know the truth.

Chances are that you did not come the Miracle Camp blog to learn about snowflakes so here is my point:

The snowflakes you see on a daily basis (in store windows, cut out of paper, in elementary classrooms, etc.) do not represent the full diversity of snowflakes. You only see the perfect, pretty and pleasing snowflakes displayed.

What about the rest of them?

I think I like the not perfect ones better then the perfect ones. They look more interesting. Sure some of them, like the simple prisms, may not be unique. I don’t care.

Ok now it is time for the analogy. Are you ready? You better be because here it comes:

The perfect snowflakes are the ones that everyone sees and appreciates. The perfect pretty ones are put on posters, books and everywhere else. They are the ones referred to as unique. They are the ones that are adored.

The rest of the shapes are just forgotten. If you are born a simple needle or a capped column you can forget about being the next face of snow crystals.

But these simpler snowflakes still have their uses. I would take a snowstorm of irregulars over no snowstorm any day (irregulars can still cancel school or be made into a  snowman).

So you don’t always feel like a perfect snowflake.
You have your irregularities.
You have made mistakes.
And you HATE those “perfect flakes”

Well I have something to tell you.

Galations 5:13
You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love.

You are called to a higher purpose my dear friends.

….umm I think that verse says “called to be free”


That sounds pretty good.

Thats freedom from worry
freedom from sin
freedom from want

Just true freedom.

regardless if you are a perfect snowflake or a little hollow plate, God has a will and a plan for you.

And being in that plan is the safest and best place for you to be.

(Ask Jonah if you do not believe me)

In conclusion, people are unique. Snowflakes are not. Yet you still may feel like you are not unique enough or that you are too messed up to be free. Let me tell you, freedom is available to everyone who puts their faith in Jesus Christ.

Are you following Him?

He wants to set you free.


frank colarusso-assistant program director

Homer was Real

Homer field-next to the Gym- was named after a donkey named homer who lived in the field… Everyone who comes to Miracle Camp hears the story. But was it true? YES! It is true and here is the proof:

Homer was found by this woman in early summer. She was walking from the old lodge to the gym. Homer came up to her and nuzzled against her. She could tell he needed love. She gave him a huge hug and named him Homer. Homer was a friendly fellow. He loved to get hugged in the morning…

… getting petted in the afternoon while eating delicious grass…

…and in the evening he would  pose for pictures with the campers. Homer was so kind and loved by everyone. Well, almost everyone (Dun Dun Dun)…

A gang of campers called the “scooter gang” did not like Homer very much . They decided they would try to hurt him. They took a picture of him in danger to sell for hundreds of chipwiches. One brave reporter captured a picture of this horrific event:

When the campers saw the photo, they chased the scooter gang out of camp. Later, they named the field homer lived in Homer Field after the beloved donkey. The field still retains that name…

…In Memoriam.

Today campers can purchase stuffed Homer donkeys at the Miracle Camp trading post. These toys help kids to remember the story of homer and how much he loved others.

97% of the above story is false.

Write true facts about Homer in the comments below.

frank colarusso-assistant program director

Tweeting can win you a free week of camp!

We know you want to be here this summer. We know you want you kids (if you have any) to be here this summer. We want to help. Miracle Camp and Retreat Center is giving away another free week of camp. Entering is simple. All you need to do is tweet us with #rollcamp and tell us why you want to to roll into camp this summer. Use @miraclecamp and #rollcamp in the tweet. You can enter as many times as you like; the contest ends on March 1st 2012. So get on twitter and get your tweet on!

Winner will be chosen at random and contacted by Miracle Camp on March 1st. If Miracle Camp cannot get proper information from the winner by March 15th the prize will be forfeited and another winner may be chosen. The free week of camp can only be used during the 2012 summer camping season. The free week must be redeemed during a week that correlates with the proper age group.

Wednesday Rewind Remake- IFOs

Todays Wednesday Rewind Remake features IFOs (identified falling objects). Camp is home to many strange things- and as this post will show- it is not uncommon to see identified falling objects in the skies of MC. For example- this falling giant ball:

“Ahhh! Everyone get down! Save me from the Giant falling Ball!”

” Don’t worry, I will bounce it off the faded side of my acid washed jeans.”

Pictured above is a group of staff in 1983 playing a game with a giant ball. Below is a remake using The Great Equalizer- a giant die that can dramatically change your place in cabin competition. The die is being thrown by two 2011 summer staff members- Greg Coffman and Sarah Bellis.

What else can be seen falling through the skies at MC? Post your ideas to our facebook wall (hint think ambush games). And next time you visit, keep your eyes on the skies, who knows what may be falling…

Frank Colarusso-Assistant Program Director

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