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Too Much Stuff?

Have you seen the new iPad? It is pretty remarkable. I was literally a click away from pre-ordering one last night! Then I remembered an experience from last week.

The other day I had a box of belongings I no longer needed. I brought them to Goodwill, as many people do. After this, I headed to Old Navy to buy a new pair of jeans. As soon as I walked in the door of Old Navy I was reminded of an article I read in a World Vision magazine back in 2009. I was able to find a copy of it and have posted it below.

too much stuff

Next time you are considering a new purchase, think about the world needs and pray about where the Lord would have you spend the money.


Frank Colarusso-Assistant Program Director

Alarm Clock

Promptly at 5:40 every morning my alarm goes off.
Promptly at 5:41 every morning a little piece of me dies.
You can quote me Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it” But I reply with Ecclesiastes 5:12 “The sleep of a laboring man is sweet…”
Somedays I wish I never had to get out of bed. All I want to do all day is go back to bed. The people I encounter annoy me and seem just as unhappy as me to go through the long, challenging day.
I feel overworked and overtired. I’ve only been back to school for three weeks and I’m already tired of the same monotony every day. I have become so consumed with all the unpleasant things I encounter in the day I forget the good things.
At times I feel like getting through the day is as tough as parting the Red Sea.
Hey, didn’t someone do that?
 Moses parted the Red Sea.
Look at what Moses said immediately after the he and the Israelites crossed the Red Sea in Exodus 15.
Yes, I really want you to go to or open your bible and read Exodus 15.
Thank you.
Now look to the second verse of this passage. It says “The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation…”
That same phrase from Moses is quoted three more times in the Bible. (Psalm 28:7, Psalm 118:14, and Isaiah 12:2.
I don’t think I have ever been quoted once. How great would it be to be quoted three times and in the Bible!?
There is power behind Moses’ words “The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation”
When I awake with these words in my heart the day does not look so dull after all. Instead, the day becomes full of opportunity. It makes me want to share the love of Christ with my teachers and friends and the randoms I encounter at Wal*mart (yes, even those on
I will try to start everyday by going in the joy and the strength of the Lord so that the next night I can have the sweet sleep of a laboring man talked about in Ecclesiastes 5:12.
Perhaps I will write Exodus 15:2 next to my alarm clock.
frank colarusso-assistant program director


tweet to win a week of sumer camp

You have heard that every snowflake is unique.

And you have also heard the cheesy saying about how you are unique

just like snowflakes.


Believe it or not, it is very possible that all snowflakes are NOT unique.

Before we go further, you need to learn a bit about snowflakes. Kindly view this poster about how snowflakes are formed by The American Chemical Society.

And there are several different classifications for snowflakes (see chart below).

Everything you have heard about snowflakes being unique could be nothing but LIES!

Sorry if you hate me now that the whole snowflake thing was a fib… just rejoice in the fact that you now know the truth.

Chances are that you did not come the Miracle Camp blog to learn about snowflakes so here is my point:

The snowflakes you see on a daily basis (in store windows, cut out of paper, in elementary classrooms, etc.) do not represent the full diversity of snowflakes. You only see the perfect, pretty and pleasing snowflakes displayed.

What about the rest of them?

I think I like the not perfect ones better then the perfect ones. They look more interesting. Sure some of them, like the simple prisms, may not be unique. I don’t care.

Ok now it is time for the analogy. Are you ready? You better be because here it comes:

The perfect snowflakes are the ones that everyone sees and appreciates. The perfect pretty ones are put on posters, books and everywhere else. They are the ones referred to as unique. They are the ones that are adored.

The rest of the shapes are just forgotten. If you are born a simple needle or a capped column you can forget about being the next face of snow crystals.

But these simpler snowflakes still have their uses. I would take a snowstorm of irregulars over no snowstorm any day (irregulars can still cancel school or be made into a  snowman).

So you don’t always feel like a perfect snowflake.
You have your irregularities.
You have made mistakes.
And you HATE those “perfect flakes”

Well I have something to tell you.

Galations 5:13
You, my brothers, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love.

You are called to a higher purpose my dear friends.

….umm I think that verse says “called to be free”


That sounds pretty good.

Thats freedom from worry
freedom from sin
freedom from want

Just true freedom.

regardless if you are a perfect snowflake or a little hollow plate, God has a will and a plan for you.

And being in that plan is the safest and best place for you to be.

(Ask Jonah if you do not believe me)

In conclusion, people are unique. Snowflakes are not. Yet you still may feel like you are not unique enough or that you are too messed up to be free. Let me tell you, freedom is available to everyone who puts their faith in Jesus Christ.

Are you following Him?

He wants to set you free.


frank colarusso-assistant program director

Homer was Real

Homer field-next to the Gym- was named after a donkey named homer who lived in the field… Everyone who comes to Miracle Camp hears the story. But was it true? YES! It is true and here is the proof:

Homer was found by this woman in early summer. She was walking from the old lodge to the gym. Homer came up to her and nuzzled against her. She could tell he needed love. She gave him a huge hug and named him Homer. Homer was a friendly fellow. He loved to get hugged in the morning…

… getting petted in the afternoon while eating delicious grass…

…and in the evening he would  pose for pictures with the campers. Homer was so kind and loved by everyone. Well, almost everyone (Dun Dun Dun)…

A gang of campers called the “scooter gang” did not like Homer very much . They decided they would try to hurt him. They took a picture of him in danger to sell for hundreds of chipwiches. One brave reporter captured a picture of this horrific event:

When the campers saw the photo, they chased the scooter gang out of camp. Later, they named the field homer lived in Homer Field after the beloved donkey. The field still retains that name…

…In Memoriam.

Today campers can purchase stuffed Homer donkeys at the Miracle Camp trading post. These toys help kids to remember the story of homer and how much he loved others.

97% of the above story is false.

Write true facts about Homer in the comments below.

frank colarusso-assistant program director

Tweeting can win you a free week of camp!

We know you want to be here this summer. We know you want you kids (if you have any) to be here this summer. We want to help. Miracle Camp and Retreat Center is giving away another free week of camp. Entering is simple. All you need to do is tweet us with #rollcamp and tell us why you want to to roll into camp this summer. Use @miraclecamp and #rollcamp in the tweet. You can enter as many times as you like; the contest ends on March 1st 2012. So get on twitter and get your tweet on!

Winner will be chosen at random and contacted by Miracle Camp on March 1st. If Miracle Camp cannot get proper information from the winner by March 15th the prize will be forfeited and another winner may be chosen. The free week of camp can only be used during the 2012 summer camping season. The free week must be redeemed during a week that correlates with the proper age group.

Happy New Year!

My favorite part of new years at Miracle Camp is getting to see all of the past summer staff again. Several come back every year at our Encounter college retreat. We bring in the new year MC style! The best part of this retreat is right before drops, everyone gathers for worship. What better way to end one year and start another than with God?

This year, we learned about Jacob. One message that really spoke to me was about envy. Jacob took matters into his own hands to get what he wanted. In the end, he had less than he hoped for. Read about it: Genesis 25-27.

Think about what God has blessed you with in 2011, even the little things. Continue to follow him in 2012


Come to Ice Camp

frank colarusso-assistant program director

What’s in your Scrapbook?

 (Source awkward family photos)

In the midst of the biting cold – we had a wonderful family to warm our spirits this weekend at Miracle Camp. The Cook family drove, flew and possibly canoed their way here on Friday. Just to gather for an early Christmas celebration. And let me tell you, they REALLY know how to entertain themselves.

While your typical family reunion may consist of slouching in front of the television and trying to avoid your annoying baby cousins, the Cooks have turned this philosophy on its head. They kicked off the weekend by carting an eight-foot nylon reindeer into our upper lodge. The fun was only beginning. After everyone had arrived they played the most brutal game of musical chairs possible. The final round was between a six and seventy-six year old. The six year old won. And they were only getting warmed up. As I write this, the music and dancing from their annual family talent show is shaking my desk- and I couldn’t be happier about it.

All in all- the Cook family has shown the beauty of the Christmas season. This year- be sure to make an extra effort to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Even if giant reindeer, musical chairs, and talent shows are not your family’s cup of Christmas tea, start your own winter traditions and fill your family scrapbooks in the process.

Frank Colarusso-Assistant Program Director


Brad Hauser- Guest Services

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