Homer was Real

Homer field-next to the Gym- was named after a donkey named homer who lived in the field… Everyone who comes to Miracle Camp hears the story. But was it true? YES! It is true and here is the proof:

Homer was found by this woman in early summer. She was walking from the old lodge to the gym. Homer came up to her and nuzzled against her. She could tell he needed love. She gave him a huge hug and named him Homer. Homer was a friendly fellow. He loved to get hugged in the morning…

… getting petted in the afternoon while eating delicious grass…

…and in the evening he would  pose for pictures with the campers. Homer was so kind and loved by everyone. Well, almost everyone (Dun Dun Dun)…

A gang of campers called the “scooter gang” did not like Homer very much . They decided they would try to hurt him. They took a picture of him in danger to sell for hundreds of chipwiches. One brave reporter captured a picture of this horrific event:

When the campers saw the photo, they chased the scooter gang out of camp. Later, they named the field homer lived in Homer Field after the beloved donkey. The field still retains that name…

…In Memoriam.

Today campers can purchase stuffed Homer donkeys at the Miracle Camp trading post. These toys help kids to remember the story of homer and how much he loved others.

97% of the above story is false.

Write true facts about Homer in the comments below.

frank colarusso-assistant program director

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