Why Miracle Camp?

You can google “why should I send my child to camp” and come up with hundreds of pages telling you the benefits. The positive reasons range from an environment where they can learn about God to growth in personal maturity. Oh, you can’t forget that you get a week free of kids at home. The next question is, why Miracle Camp? What sets Miracle Camp apart from the hundreds of other camps nationwide?

I grew up going to Miracle Camp; my first week was when I was in the third grade. So, like many others, I have always loved this camp. Since my upbringing at MCRC I have broadened my horizons and gone to many other camps and retreat centers all across the midwest.

Camps generally have the same things- fun stuff, candy, no parents, time to connect with God, the list goes on. It took me quite a long time to figure out what it was about Miracle Camp that was different. I was able to come up with a short list of things that you get at Miracle Camp that you wont find at just any-ol-camp.

1. Intentionality

Our staff is crazy about being intentional with campers and guests. We really try to make everyone feel at home and open up. Every camper who comes to camp gets at least one hour of undivided attention from their counselor. This is huge. What an amazing way to show campers that they are valued.

2. Prayer

This piggy-backs off the last one. Every Thursday our leadership team prays for the guests coming in the upcoming weekend. We ask our summer staff to pray for their campers and other staff daily. The summer program office wakes up early every morning to meet and pray for that day of camp. I know that other camps pray. I am not trying to say that we are the most prayerful camp. I am saying that I have watched our staff and they get it. They realize that they can not run on their own power. They need to ask God every day to give them the strength to change lives-and they do it!

3. Non-camp food

Really. I mean have you tried our cinnamon rolls? I have yet to have better. I have yet to have better “camp” food (no offense to all other camps I have visited). I’m sure that there is some camp someplace that is serving five course meals in an enchanted ballroom- well we are not too far short of that (exaggeration?).

Miracle Camp and Retreat Center is a place where you can send your kids and know that they are being taken care of. Miracle Camp has quite a bit to offer and can give your kids the best time of their lives. Click here for more information about our summer camp program- registration opens soon.


frank colarusso-assistant program director

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