What’s in your Scrapbook?

 (Source awkward family photos)

In the midst of the biting cold – we had a wonderful family to warm our spirits this weekend at Miracle Camp. The Cook family drove, flew and possibly canoed their way here on Friday. Just to gather for an early Christmas celebration. And let me tell you, they REALLY know how to entertain themselves.

While your typical family reunion may consist of slouching in front of the television and trying to avoid your annoying baby cousins, the Cooks have turned this philosophy on its head. They kicked off the weekend by carting an eight-foot nylon reindeer into our upper lodge. The fun was only beginning. After everyone had arrived they played the most brutal game of musical chairs possible. The final round was between a six and seventy-six year old. The six year old won. And they were only getting warmed up. As I write this, the music and dancing from their annual family talent show is shaking my desk- and I couldn’t be happier about it.

All in all- the Cook family has shown the beauty of the Christmas season. This year- be sure to make an extra effort to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Even if giant reindeer, musical chairs, and talent shows are not your family’s cup of Christmas tea, start your own winter traditions and fill your family scrapbooks in the process.

Frank Colarusso-Assistant Program Director


Brad Hauser- Guest Services

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