Wednesday Rewind Remake- Pancakes

Remember those good o’ days when you would wake up and smell the pancakes cooking on coffee cans…


Oh yeah, thats what we did way back in the day at Miracle Camp. Not a bad way to have a camp-out breakfast (don’t forget the maple syrup).

Need proof? Here is a pic.

From the look on her face, I’d say the girl cooking (Nancy (Graber) Roth) has no idea what she is doing. And the girl in pink is wishing SOMEONE would have remembered the syrup (or perhaps a few more hours of sleep).

All in all, it looks like a fun morning.

We thought about remaking this delightful morning, but them realized that a modern-plastic coffee can would not serve as an adequate stove (I’ll have my helping light on the carcinogens please). So we cooked our pancakes inside-on a real-person stove and brought them out for the pic.

As Abby shows, it was a bit warmer in the first picture. I think this Aspinall clan captured the photo quite well. Bravo! Now can I have my breakfast?

Believe it or not there is at least one thing in the first picture that we still have at MC. Can you find it?

Frank Colarusso-Assistant Program Director

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