Not Your Typical Fall Weekend

Where can you find medieval fighting, an engagement, football, study groups, ultimate frisbee, a work team,  people hanging 30 feet off the ground, and scrapbookers all at the same place? Miracle Camp, that’s where!

This past weekend we had quite a variety of people here enjoying the beautiful fall weekend. CRU from the Detroit area and U-M came here with close to 200 college students. Many of these student were stuck to their books all weekend-filling our lobbies and internet bandwidth (some of them just played on facebook). Other, not-so-studious students were enjoying the day and camp grounds playing football, ultimate, and some weird medieval game that no one quite understands. One couple even choose to get engaged at our retreat center during their early Saturday morning Bible study.

We also were visited by a creative memories scrapbooking group. This group was hard at work preserving their memories on a pile of paste and paper. The women left content and suffering from carpal-tunnel after a weekend of hard work.

All throughout the weekend, a group of students from Grace Evangelical Church were here raking leaves, stacking firewood, and completing other necessary maintenance projects. The effects of their work made a HUGE difference.

Overall, it was a beautiful fall weekend at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center. It was wonderful to see and hear people enjoying our campus. This past weekend had everything short of a lip dub.

Frank Colarusso -Assistant Program Director

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    Oh yeah, that was me! My fiance and I met at Miracle camp two years ago on the same retreat! How crazy! Thanks for facilitating my romantics!


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