XC Team Training. Coaches Reunion. Ice Cold.

We had two cross country teams have a training retreat here. Their coaches ran the sport together in college and against each other in high school. They found out about Miracle Camp online and decided to have their training week with us!

Groups always make weird requests while they are here. This group had on that was especially different. Three trash cans full of ice. Turns out that they were voluntarily bathing themselves in ice to cool down their legs after 7 mile runs (I will stick to my exercise of walking from the office to the Meijer Dining Hall, thank you). We could hear them screaming in frozen agony across camp (proof that my daily exercise is superior).

I also had the opportunity to work with this group as they did our low ropes course. It was neat to see this group of athletes learn to work with each other outside of competition. Leaders emerged, friendships were formed, and students were able to see first hand that working together creates results!

Frank Colarusso -Assistant Program Director

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  1. […] get several odd requests from guests groups (like gallons of ice). A frequent request is a number to order pizza. However, no pizza place will drive out to deliver […]


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